Hovering between an experimental rock noise, with resolutely contemporary aesthetics and an electro-acoustic drone, NOORG’s music refuses to adhere to a specific category.

The two musicians sculpt sound like matter, weaving a complex web from a unique continuous strand.

They work with the utmost precision on this single thread, refining the layers and moving the sources of sound in space to generate an acoustic, electronic, rhythmic and harmonic soundscape.











june 16-17 2018, festival En Pratique, Vatan

july 1st 2018, festival Bruisme, le Lieu Multiple, Poitiers

august 1st-5 2018, festival de Chaillol



16-17 juin 2018, festival En Pratique, Vatan

june 10 2018, festival Sons Dessus de Sault

may 28-29 2018, Vatan

march 30 2018, La Gare de Coustellet

29 march 2018, l'Embobineuse, Marseille

march 28 2018, iMera fundation, Marseille

february 24 2018, Zorba, Paris

january 17 2018 - La Cave12, Genève









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Le Phare à Lucioles
Emmanuelle ZOLL
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